Sunday, July 30, 2017

Spain's Recovery (sic) Turns a Corner?

Europe has an economy that has done nothing for decades, even though the pundits love it.  Must be the food.  It certainly is not the economy itself.

Today's NYTimes, as usual, finds things to praise about Europe.  Spain!

According to the NY Times, Spain is on the mend. But, the facts, even those in the article say otherwise:

"The unemployment rate remains above 18 percent and is near 39 percent for younger workers. Some 4.25 million people in a nation of 47 million are officially looking for work. Even in areas of growth, fraught labor negotiations and frequent strikes attest to the insecurity of work and the pain of diminished wages."

How's that for a strong recovery!  It works for rich folks and bureaucrats, but for everybody else, those are depression statistics -- not statistics that show an economic recovery.

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