Sunday, June 4, 2017

Without a Patsy, No Agreement

The European Union and China failed to reach any "climate pact" agreement as their meetings broke up in disarray yesterday.  As reported in today's Wall Street Journal, the expected role of China, supplanting the US as the new "leader" of the climate change partisans never materialized.  Why?

There is no patsy at the table willing to pay for all of this.  Now, the emerging markets look to the EU and China to foot the bill for their climate change activity and guess what?  The EU and China are unwilling to backfill the US commitment.  Since they made no commitment of their own, that leaves no money for the infamous "Paris Accords."

Naturally, this story was not reported by the "fake news" sources known as the New York Times and the Washington Post.  These "fake news" organizations only report stories favorable to their ongoing narrative that all the world is ready to make sacrifices for the climate change agenda except the US.  In fact, it turns out, no one is willing to make such sacrifices, other than, of course, Obama and he is out of power.

The "Paris Accords" was nothing more than a wealth transfer from the US to the rest of the world, as President Trump noted in his speech withdrawing from the accords.  Now, without a patsy to foot the bill, the entire charade is collapsing.

Where is the EU?  Where is China?  The same place that they have always been.  Spewing forth rhetoric about why the US should fund everyone else, joined, of course, by the Obama-Clinton-Schumer-Pelosi-Warren chorus.  America be damned, say these folks.  Hooray for those who want our money, but are unwilling to make any sacrifices at all in the name of climate change.

Trump did the right thing.  When will the NY Times and the Washington Post report the news truthfully and without bias?  The answer .... never.  Thankfully, there are other sources to get our news.

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