Friday, June 2, 2017

The News Accounts -- After Trump Drops the Paris Accords

As one might expect, the media lambasted Donald Trump for walking away from the Paris Accords.  Virtually all of the articles attacking Trump have no facts in them at all and seem to completely misunderstand the accord as well as the substantive issues in the "climate change" debate.  Ignorance, apparently, is bliss when it comes to reporting the news.

There is one article that stands out for its misleading commentary -- the WAPO article this morning by Glenn Kessler and Michele Lee.

Here is an example of their reasoning:

"Trump also suggested that the United States was treated unfairly under the agreement. But each of the nations signing the agreement agreed to help lower emissions, based on plans they submitted. So the U.S. target was set by the Obama Administration."

The suggestion is, of course, that anything the Obama folks did would be fair to America.  That misses the entire point of the last election.   Virtually ever action taken by the Obama Administration from the Iran Deal to the Russian Reset to the Syria red line to the appeasement of North Korea to the Paris Accords was "unfair to America."  Obama rarely, if ever, stood up for America, its values or its interests.  That's one of the main reasons that Trump won the election.

WAPO is not a newspaper.  It is an arm of the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party.  Everything they write is written from that perspective without regard to facts or to history.  WAPO would like to see a decline in American living standards and a retreat in America's role in the world.  Fortunately, Trump was elected, destroying the WAPO dream.

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