Saturday, June 3, 2017

It's Only Voluntary

The NY Times today lambasted President Trump in an editorial for walking away from the Paris Accords.  At least, for once, the attack on the President wasn't a news story.  Instead, this nonsense was found in an editorial where it belongs.

What is their argument? 

 "In truth, the agreement does not require any country to do anything," says the NY Times editorial.

That's their argument. 

So, if the Paris Accords are meaningless, what possible difference can it make if Trump walks away from it?  The rest of the editorial makes no sense.

If it is voluntary and therefore amounts to nothing, as the NY Times editorial argues, then why all the vitriol.

Is policy just a pose?  Are the Paris Accords, just a statement of sentiment with no real teeth?  That's what the NY Times is arguing.

As usual, it is all about a narrative and zero about policy.  That is so typical of the NY Times.

The truth is that the Paris Accords inflict enormous damage upon the US economy without doing a single thing for the world's climate.  That's the truth, whether the NY Times likes it or not.

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