Thursday, June 1, 2017

Climate Change -- Whatever That Means

As President Trump prepares to announce his decision on the Paris Climate Accords, it's worth pausing to think about what is at issue.

Without consulting with Congress or submitting the Accord to the Senate for ratification, Obama unilaterally signed this agreement with a "public be damned" attitude that all but ensured that the agreement would become a flash point for future political debate.  There was no effort by Obama to gain consensus.  Instead, this was just Obama, once again, unilaterally legislating an astounding set of new rules, taxes and other growth-defeating initiatives on a country already limping along economically after the hammer blows of Dodd-Frank and arbitrary EPA directives.

The arbitrariness, one might say lawlessness, of the Obama Administration was a key reason that Donald Trump became President.  Right or wrong, to treat the public like the Paris Accords are none of their business hardens attitudes and guarantees future political turmoil.  The Obama folks are now seeing much of their legacy overturned.  This is to be expected since no consensus was ever sought by the arrogant band of elitists in the Obama White House.

What, in reality, would the Paris accords accomplish?  Even to its defenders, the Paris accords would accomplish almost nothing useful for future temperature levels.  And, at what cost?  No other country would be required to live up to the agreement except the United States.  Thus, other countries could vastly accelerate their production of carbon emissions, while the US economy sank into the quagmire, burdened with draconian restrictions on their energy usage.  How is this in the best interests of the United States?

The "climate change" bandwagon is lead largely by folks who know absolutely nothing about science or about the environment.  They are largely wealthy folks who, themselves, have a huge carbon footprint, but want others to live a dramatically lower standard of living to satisfy the desires of the wealthiest among us.  Al Gore and Hillary Clinton come to mind.  Will these folks ever make any sacrifice for the environment, or is it only working Americans that must pay the price for the latest left-wing pipe dream.

No one is really sure what "climate change" really means.  But, the one thing we know for certain is that folks that push this cause want to silence any dissent or any disagreement with their position.  "Climate change" is a religion pushed largely by ignorant left-wingers who have never taken the trouble to inquire about the basis for their views.  Had they done so, they would question a so-called "scientific consensus," that is no consensus at all.  Silencing legitimate debate is reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition, which the "climate change" advocates appear to resemble in attitude and open-mindedness.

Trump should walk away from the Paris accords and, in the future, a treaty agreed to by US leaders should be submitted to the US Senate, as required by the US Constitution.  Additionally, matters as important as the future of our environment should not be dogma.  Science should be free of political bias and open to debate, not something with which the left appears to be comfortable.

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