Sunday, May 21, 2017

Trump is a Throwback to Truman

The pilloring that Donald Trump is getting from all sides is reminiscent of the nightmares that Harry Truman endured as President.  Truman was so hated by the press and what media there was in the early 1950s that he chose not to even attend the Democratic National Convention of 1952 when he certainly would normally have been considered a candidate for re-election.  Republicans and Democrats alike piled on as Truman achieved the lowest poll numbers in modern times.  Why?

The press wanted Tom Dewey, the urbane Governor of New York.  They thought he was going to win in 1948 and that Truman would be demolished.  After all, Truman was a hick politician from Kansas City and didn't have the political polish of the smooth-talking Dewey.  Fortunately for America, Truman won the election and proved to be one of the best Presidents in American history, though vilified by the press throughout his nearly eight years in the White House (he took over from Roosevelt in the first year of FDR's fourth term).

Truman was brave, intelligent and plain spoken.  He did not look like he came out of central casting for the role of President.  Ditto for Donald Trump.  Who would have thought?

But Trump is the President.  He has a bold agenda.  He has appointed a truly outstanding cabinet -- perhaps the best cabinet in modern time.  He may not be the guy you want to sip tea with in the afternoon, but he is headed politically in the right direction.  He should be given the chance that Truman never got from a hateful and angry press corps.

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