Saturday, May 6, 2017

A Textbook Case of Fake News -- Todays NYTimes

In today's NY Times, there is an article in the business section written by Reed Abelson and Katie Thomas that seems to have no other purpose than to deliberately mislead readers.  The headline:  "In Rare Unity, Hospitals, Doctors and Insurers Criticize Health Bill."

That headline would suggest that doctors, as a group, oppose the health care bill that passed the House last week.  As everyone not living in a cave knows, doctors overwhelmingly oppose Obamacare and support the House bill passed last week. 

In an incredible exercise of fake news, the Times' article provides no support at all for the statement that "doctors," acting "in rare unity" are criticizing the health bill.  That statement is nothing more than a deliberate lie.  Isn't that the definition of "fake news"  -- a deliberate lie.

Worse, all this article does is quote two or three insurance industry lobbyists, who see some things they don't like about the House bill.  Jeez, is there anyone on the planet who thinks the House bill is perfect. I don't think a bunch of lobbyists for the insurance industry speak for doctors "in rare unity."

Once again, simply to buttress their own political viewpoint, the Times has deliberately set out to mislead its readers by presenting false and misleading headlines accompanied by an article that has nothing to do with the headline.  That's fake news.

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