Friday, March 10, 2017

The US Economy May Be Starting a Run

With the shackles of heavy-handed government regulations being loosened, the US economy is beginning to exhibit a new spark.  The jobs number today of 235,000 jobs for the month, while modest, is definitely an improvement over the Obama jobs numbers.  Hopefully, more progress lies ahead as the albatross of big government is sloughed off and capitalism is permitted to do its thing.

The critics of the current administration seem viscerally opposed to economic growth.  They are content with the status quo.  This is completely understandable.  Critics in the bureaucracy and the academy and the Soros-Buffett types gain nothing from economic growth.  Their prosperity is based mainly upon hegemony over the masses.  They like the no-growth economy and they work hard to make certain that sufficient impediments are placed along the roadside to keep the economy stagnant and to maintain their own positions of control.

The average American is not protected by inherited wealth (yes, Soros and Buffett are both beneficiaries of inherited wealth) and not protected by tenure rules in the academy and in the bureaucracy.  The average American does benefit from economic growth.  Free markets mainly benefit the poor and lower middle income.  They don't do much for wealthy folks.  Check out Latin America -- wealthy folks and bureaucrats do great! -- average folks are mostly in poverty.  That's the world that heavy handed bureaucracy gives you.  The Venezuela path -- the leaders and the powerful prosper -- the poor pay the price.

So three cheers for the return of freer markets and economic prosperity -- long overdue.  But, don't expect the protected classes to join in the cheering.

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