Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The FBI and Criminal Investigations

The only crime, admitted by all in yesterday's hearings, was the criminal leaking of information by present and former US government officials in the Michael Flynn case.  The other matters were all innuendo and slander including the charges of collusion between the Trump Administration and Russian operatives and the President's assertion that he had been wiretapped by the prior administration.  There was zero evidence of the commission of a crime in these latter cases, but the revelation of the outing of Michael Flynn's private communications was unquestionably criminal, as Comey admitted repeatedly.

Comey refused to acknowledge that the FBI was investigating the admittedly criminal activity by US government officials, past and present, that lead to Flynn's ouster.  If Comey is not investigating this, then section 702 that gives the CIA and the FBI authority to monitor foreign conversations should not be renewed by Congress, because, otherwise, no American conversation with a foreign person or entity can be considered private.

All of this nonsense has served to deflect America's attention away from its real enemies -- Iran and North Korea and toward a country that in no way threatens the US -- Russia.  Russia is a real threat to Europe, but zero threat to the US.  Europe, who spends little or nothing to defend itself, expects the US to stand up and counter the Russians.  Nonsense.  It is past time that Europe expected the US to shoulder the burdens of Europe.  Let Europe defend itself.

Russia - Trump collusion is complete nonsense and an effort by the Democratic Party to confuse the public and promote the interests of Iran, which Obama and the Democrats have done much to promote.

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