Sunday, February 26, 2017

Trump and the Press

I read the Washington Post and the NY Times every morning.  These two newspapers have been among the press targets of the Trump Administration in recent weeks.  Is Trump being unfair, or, as some leftist pundits suggest, un-American?

How probable is it that every single thing that the Trump Administration or the Trump family does is wrong, done with bad intentions, and exhibit incompetence?  Every single thing? 

Well, if you read the Post and/or the Times that's what you get.  On no occasion has the Trump Administration or the Trump family done anything competent, fair, or in the interest of the American people, if you believe the Post and the Times.  Does anyone really believe that?  Is that the outcome you would expect of a fair-minded press?

The Post and the Times have become the embodiment of a daily far-left political tract.  The goal of both newspapers is to demonize the Trump Administration and the Trump family.  There is no effort to be truthful.  Stories are often simply made up out of no facts and then followed up as if, once invented out of whole cloth, they sport a life of their own. 

The "Russian" story is perhaps the best example.  There has never been a scintilla of evidence that anyone in the Trump camp has any relationship of substance with Russia, other than normal and legitimate business interests.  Yet, the Post and the Times have created Russia as the newly found American enemy. 

Those same rags view Iran and other major sponsors of terrorism as our friends. 

Russia, in no way, threatens America.  Were it not for Obama's incompetence, Russia would not now threaten the middle East or eastern Europe. Russia is a paper tiger with nowhere near the strength of modern-day Iran and nowhere near the threat to America that is represented by Obama-Post-Times' friend, Iran..

The Post and Times are political rags.  They are not newspaper in the traditional sense of that term.  They make no effort to present news, but instead are primarily focused on advancing the political agenda of the far left.

Trump is right.  The mainstream media is an untruthful and unfair.  The Post and Times are untruthful and unfair and do not provide their readers with news.  Instead they simply present political diatribes, mostly untruthful, on a daily basis.

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