Monday, February 27, 2017

Iran In; US Out at Oscars

Giving the Oscar award to the wrong aspirant was a fitting tribute to a collection of wealthy, pampered, out of touch, multi-millionaire Hollywood types bent on an evening devoted to attacks on freedom and liberty and extolling the virtues of Iran and other totalitarian, thuggish, regimes.  The evening celebrated an Iranian statement condemning the US, while decrying any effort to celebrate anything American.  As is typical of Hollywood, freedom and individual liberty are so passe.  What is in is: forced compliance with the mores of Hollywood -- mainly drug use, infidelity, anti-semitism, intolerance of others and an obvious hatred of anything American.

In Iran, most of the movies celebrated last night at the Oscars would not pass the Iranian censors.  Maybe these wealthy, jet-setting, limousine-loving, Hollywood-types should move to Iran and see what life is like when freedom is quashed and the kind of nonsense rhetoric that Hollywood-types love is the law of the land.

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