Saturday, February 18, 2017

Breaking Up the Family?

In a nation of laws, if someone breaks the law, presumably they should be prosecuted and the full force of the law should be applied.  What if incarcerating someone, who has clearly broken the law, would mean a hardship for their family?  Would that be an excuse for not enforcing the law?

Maybe that should be the new defense for those accused of a crime -- "I have a family.  You can't break up my family."  That seems to be a growing battle cry for those who prefer to pick and choose which laws to enforce and which not to enforce.  Taken at face value, this would mean a free pass for any lawbreaker with a family.

A country with "selective" law enforcement is, by definition, a lawless country.  If you don't like the laws, change them.  But, don't ignore the ones that you don't agree with, using the flimsy excuse that the lawbreaker has a family.

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