Monday, February 6, 2017

Big Business Fat Cats Oppose Trump

Did you check out the Super Bowl ads?  One big business after another stumbled over themselves to show their opposition to the Trump Administration.  Think of the largest businesses in America -- Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple, etc.  Where do they line up?

The rich, the powerful, and the elite are solidly in the anti-Trump camp.  None of these groups have much truck with free market capitalism as they move around comfortably in their limousines, yachts and jets.

Look at the opposition to the Betsy DeVos nomination as education secretary -- the rich fat cats, the teachers' union.  These folks get to send their kids to private schools, yet they trumpet their personal support for public schools -- from a distance, of course.  Heaven forbid that poor children have the same opportunity as the rich.  DeVos represents giving the poor a fair shake in the educational system.  Naturally, the elites oppose this.

But the average American, not moving from one mansion to another, sees the Trump Administration as a blessing, designed to promote free markets and free people and a quality education for everyone -- not just the rich and powerful.

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