Monday, January 30, 2017

What Caring Means

We constantly hear that if our country truly cared we would do this and do that.  The people that make these arguments often don't care enough to do anything on their own.  Instead, their idea of "caring" is to make others pay for things that they want, but those who pay, don't want.  In other words, caring requires no sacrifice of your own.  It requires sacrifice by those who don't agree with you.

The "illegal immigrant" debate has this same strange dichotomy.  Those urging increasing "refugee immigrants" from war-torn countries make sure that when these immigrants arrive in Europe and the US, they are placed far, far away from themselves.  In the US, these "refugee immigrants" are re-located almost exclusively in "red" states in the midwest and primarily in small towns.  Virtually none of these immigrants are initially located in "sanctuary cities."  Those advocating increasing refugee immigration make sure that these new immigrants do not live in their neighborhoods.  Our former president relocated himself far, far away from any communities where these "refugee" immigrants are likely to end up.

Many small communities in the US and Europe are now saddled with hundreds of thousands of newly arrived immigrants who don't speak their language, abhor their culture, and have little or no interest in adopting their values.  The elites who push these policies have almost none of these folks in their neighborhood, so they are generally unaffected.  That's why they don't really care about hordes of refugee immigrants coming into the country.  Folks who push these policies will never suffer the costs and trauma of dealing with their relocation.  So, why not have more, they say.

Ditto for spending money on grandiose projects that "help" poor people.  Those pushing these, mostly failing, projects are asking taxpayers to fund these projects.  Why don't the supporters fund them on their own.  They claim that most Americans agree with them.  So, why don't the folks that agree with these projects pay for them on their own, instead of requiring those who disagree to pay for them.

How is it charitable to require the guy down the street to fund your pet projects?  How is it humane to bring in refugees, but relocate them in poorest, smallest communities in your country, but far, far away from yourself and your family?

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