Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Trump is His Own Worst Enemy

True Trump fans think that all of his bloopers are actually a good thing.  They point to the war on political correctness as a breath of fresh air.  But is it?

During the campaign, Trump's late night tweeting was mostly an embarrassment.   The polls have consistently shown that the public reacts negatively to the Trump tweets.  So why is there a sense out there that the Trump bizarre behavior is working?

Overshadowing Trump's behavior is the public's anger at the over-regulated, over-taxed and over-politicized world that we now live in.  Obama and the democrats have made life unbearable for many Americans and they rally to Trump -- like him or not -- as an alternative to the progressive(?) decline of the country that they live in.

There is no question that America is a far different country than it was a few decades ago.  Economic opportunities have eroded for average Americans, though the wealthy and elitist bureaucrats have thrived.  This is what drives Trump's continued strength, even though his behavior is appalling. It also explains why the wealthy and comfortable are contemptible of the incoming Trump administration.

If you've done well under Obama, it is hard to relate to those who haven't.  If you live in academia, or in the government bureaucracy, or are incredibly wealthy, then life has been great.  If you don't fit those categories, life has become increasingly more difficult.

It isn't that people like Trump.  A majority of Americans dislike Trump.  But they are tired of being treated as if they don't matter by the Obama-Clinton-Buffett-Soros-Streep elites.  So, Trump has become the default choice for those who don't live in the "protected" classes.  

The public schools are a disaster for most Americans.  Job opportunities are pitifully inadequate for most Americans.  Health insurance and health care costs have exploded under Obama.  Economic growth is half what it has normally been in prior years (and a quarter of that under prior economic recoveries from recessions) under Obama.

Terrorist attacks within the US have become a routine reality, though Obama seems oblivious to it.  The Middle East has become the playground of Russia and Iran with the US holding very little influence.  Russia and China have become much, much more aggressive and North Korea is building a missile system that will soon be able to nuke Los Angeles.

Thousands upon thousands of immigrants, legal and illegal, many of whom despise America and its institutions are now walking the streets of many American small towns, demanding services, providing a breeding ground for domestic terrorism, and objecting to an American culture that treats women as full-fledged citizens.  City upon city has agreed to protect criminals that are in the country illegally, providing "sanctuary" and tax dollars for folks who have violated American laws.  If you are not here illegally, you get no such protection.  You must be here illegally to get these benefits.

Is it any wonder that almost anyone looks better to the average Americans than the democrats?

Choosing to back Donald Trump, in spite of his behavior, becomes the only chance left for many Americans who believe that what once was the "City on the Hill" and "The Land of Opportunity" is fast becoming little more than a playground for the affluent and the protected bureaucrats and elitists.

Meanwhile, the elitists and the wealthy increasingly view the average American as beneath them and not worthy of their time or interest.

The divisiveness is America is based upon real issues, not on personalities.  Trump is winning on the issues, not on his personality.

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