Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Protesting Elites

For eight years, Barrack Obama and the elites in the Democratic Party and the Media have lorded it over the average American. Sitting back in their comfortable homes in government, in academia, and in the Media,  the elitists avoided any contact with the poor, the middle class, minorities, the unemployed, the business community, and the average American.  Their contempt for these groups has been ever-present.

Now, the empire strikes back.  The unlikely leader of the citizen revolt is none other than billionaire Donald Trump.  Surprisingly, Trump's cabinet picks are devotees of free markets and are largely drawn from the pool of successful American business men and women.  Barrack Obama's cabinet was full of elitist hacks, who had spent hardly a moment in the private sector.  Obama's inner circle were largely Ivy League elitists and hacks who despise the average American -- Hillary's deplorables.

It must be galling for the elites to lose out to beer drinking, truck driving Americans, most of whom have an annual income that is less than the monthly stipend that government (that is, the taxpayer) provides for the elitists in the bureaucracy.  From their leafy neighborhoods in Washington DC, the elitists opine on what is best for folks in Nebraska and Iowa.  After all, the elitists are not elitists for nothing.

January 20th will be a great day for America, but a tragic one for the elitist.  You can see  the elitists singing the blues daily as we approach the end of their hegemony over the average American.

There are good things coming.

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