Thursday, January 5, 2017

The "Hacked Election" Narrative

The evil Russians, apparently, hacked the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign.  Shame on them.  Imagine one country trying to hack another!

And look at the evil things the Russians did.  They exposed the fact that the news media was totally linked to the Clinton campaign and their reporting was simply an arm of that campaign.  No one denies this.  The evil Russians exposed the truth of the hypocritical US press.  Is the suggestion that voters would be better off believing something that wasn't true?

What else did the evil Russians do?  They exposed that the DNC was doing everything in their power to defeat Bernie Sanders and nominate Hillary Clinton.  It turns out that was true also.  I suppose the suggestion is that Democrats and other voters would be better off believing something else -- that was patently false -- that the DNC was neutral between Clinton and Sanders.

So, the argument apparently is that voters in America would have been better off believing lies than learning the truth.  Interesting argument.

Meanwhile, is there someone who doesn't believe that the US, China, Russia and every other major country aren't trying to hack each other every day?  Who out there doesn't believes that?  Who believes that hacking will stop?  So, why all the nonsense.

If you don't like the hacking, beef up your security and quit bellyaching.  Maybe voters, having the truth at their disposal, are better informed than believing the Clinton-DNC-AmericanPress pack of lies.  Lies that Wikileaks exposed them for what they are.

Where is the harm?  Hacking attempts will never stop.  Get real.

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