Friday, January 13, 2017

The DemoMediaCratic Party Pulls Out All The Stops

Having been completely discredited, the Democratic Party and the Media have not given up in their effort to damage the US and its interest both domestically and globally.  Inventing fake stories and finding phantom actors in an effort to pretend that they really won an election that they lost overwhelming, the left and the media thunder on.

Tune in to CNN or MSNBC if you want to see a group of people that despise America and despise Americans. Their heroes are dictators around the world -- Iran, Cuba, for example and their enemies are Americans, that they see as "deplorables," racists, bigots and on and on.

They don't believe in the nation's laws or in its history.  They see America as the evil empire and they see Ayatollah and the Castro brothers as their friends and soul brothers.  American police are the enemy to this crowd, but those who gun down police should be understood and excused, according to the media and the Democratic Party.

These folks have crossed the line from debate to pure, unadulterated hatred for the US and its values of freedom.  They prefer dictatorships and elite rule, especially if they are in power.  This is what the Democratic Party and its handmaiden, the media, have become. No wonder their election victories are few and far between and they have taken to hatred, villification, dishonesty and to the streets with their views that no longer have much in common with American traditions of freedom and respect for law and for individuals.

The Democratic Party and the Media are increasingly a very small echo chamber with little relevance for the average American.

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