Friday, January 20, 2017

Morning in America

The shackles are coming off of the American economy.  The once dynamic US economy is going to be able to breathe again.

The Obama nightmare is over.  Small businesses will be free to expand, make capital commitments, borrow money, and hire employees.  These are things that have been almost impossible during the last eight years. The pitiful economic growth since 2009, especially compared to all other economic recoveries in American history, has left most Americans feeling distressed about their economic future.

Not so, of course, for bureaucrats, elitists in academe and elsewhere, and the wealthy limousine left.  These folks thrived at the expense of the taxpayer during that past eight years.  That will be ending, at last.

Some professors at the University of Virginia announced this week that they were not going to teach their classes on Friday in protest of the Trump inauguration.  This attitude is typical of the elite.  They get to choose when they want to work and when they don't want to work, without any threat of losing their job. These people live in a protected bubble and have nothing but contempt for folks that actually work for a living and don't get to pick and choose every day whether or not they want to do their job. 

The arrogance of the elite is breath-taking.  But that arrogance is about to get its come-uppance.  The average American is finally going to have a chance again, thanks to the incoming administration.  Freedom and prosperity is on the way.  It is morning in America.

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