Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Apocalyptic News Stories

I am a regular reader of the NY Times and the Washington Post -- alas!   Online, the headlines daily are frightening.  It seems, according to these venerated newspapers, that the election of Donald Trump is the single worst thing that ever happened to the American republic.  Why? Because Trump has the effrontery to suggest that average Americans should have more control over their own lives.

The idea that individuals should be free to decide for themselves is apparently a truly frightening prospect, according to the Times and WAPO.  As Hillary Clinton noted time and again, the average American is a racist, a bigot, a deplorable.  Why should you let people like that control their own lives? 

If you believe in freedom, then you must accept the proposition that people should be free to make their own mistakes.  That people make mistakes is not a call for government action.  People learn.  But they won't learn if government is always looking over their shoulder and making decisions for them.  That simple idea -- that ordinary Americans should have the freedom to make their own mistakes -- is the cornerstone for a free society.  That idea makes the Times and WAPO apoplectic.

According to the Times and WAPO, only the elite (and, of course, they include themselves) know what's best.  That's why it did not bother them that the Democratic Party regularly colludes with key figures in the media to present a united front in opposition to the Republican Party.  This is the substance of the Wikileaks from the DNC.  The press is covertly and explicitly aiding one political party over another.  Shame on the evil Wikileaks folks for exposing the truth, say the Times and WAPO.

When you and only you know the the correct path, then why have freedom and democracy?  That is esentially the argument presented by the NY Times and the Washington Post.  Thus, the Trump election upsets this simple paradigm.  How can this intruder question the received wisdom?

In order to combat the Trump revolution, the Times and WAPO daily pour calumny and invective onto Trump, his aides and cabinet picks and the millions of Americans that voted for him.  Instead of simply accepting the election results and moving on, the Times and WAPO are behaving as if letting ordinary Americans have a say in their own lives is the worst thing that ever happened to the country. 

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