Sunday, December 18, 2016

Trumponomics Versus Obamanomics

The Obama Administration seemed to be of the opinion that more regulation and more government interference, especially arbitrary rule changes, were good for American business.  Maybe the reason the Obama crowd felt that way was that there were no business folks in the Obama Administration.

Everyone in the Obama Administration, with very few exceptions, was a political hack with zero private sector experience.  32 year old lawyers, making six figures, and dwelling in the leafy suburbs of Washington DC, were making the rules for business.-- a world they knew nothing about  This is much like someone who has never seen a football game providing the rules and the referees for NFL football.   No doubt, such folks think they know what they are doing, if they are arrogant enough, but the likelihood that NFL football could survive such nonsense is slim to none.

The American economy, under Obama guidance, was rapidly making its way toward the economic stagnation of modern day Europe.  Obama's counterparts, Democrat politicians in California, Illinois, New York and elsewhere are inexorably leading their states to a US version of modern Greece.  No doubt, these Democrats were hoping that a friendly Democratic president would bail them out of their wayward ways.  That looks unlikely now.

Trump appears to be taking a different path.  His first appointees seem to be mainly business folks or business-friendly folks.  They don't hate the private sector as almost all of Obama's henchmen do.  Wilbur Ross, the incoming Secretary of Commerce -- a friend of mine, by the way -- has spent his life in the private sector.  He knows whereof he speaks.  Hardly anyone in Obama's Administration had any idea how things work in the private sector.  They had never been there.

All of this is a breath of fresh air.

It makes Democrats and their hand-maidens in the media angry.  The media, especially, is full of the most arrogant folks in the country.  Having zero experience in the private sector, the media is constantly opining on what is best for the economy.  Knowing nothing seems to be the only credentials necessary for the Wolf Blitzers, Chuck Todds, Chris Matthews of the world to pronounce judgment on what is best for the American economy.  Their echo chamber just repeats over and over the same nonsense as the American economy slipped into somnolescence.

But help is on the way.  The Trump appointees are solid citizens with the most valuable experience such appointees can have -- almost no experience in government and/or politics.  Hooray!!

Maybe now the average American, the poor, the left-out minority community will find a champion.  Such a champion will promote free markets -- the only hope for folks at the bottom of the economic pile.

The rich and the elitists want to continue their hegemony over average Americans.  That won't happen with free markets.  If you are a minority, then you will always bow to the majority, when free markets are quashed.  The best hope for the disenfranchised and the poor are free markets.  Free markets don't care about skin color, gender, social status, etc.

The single most beneficial policy of a new Trump Administration is an across-the board regulatory rollback.  Tax reform and simplification comes next.  Attacking the plight of inner-city America by use of vouchers in education and regulatory and tax rollback should be a high priority.  America does best when every American has a chance to succeed, not just those favored by the benevolence of the Democratic Party.

Abolish the Department of Education, reform the Justice Department, reform the EPA, reform the SEC, abolish the PBOAC,  reform the IRS, modernize the Defense Department, privatize the Veterans Administration, abolish the Labor Department (transferring its real functions to the Commerce Department), reform the judiciary by appointing real judges, as opposed to left wing idealogues to the bench.

The future could be astoundingly good, if the Trump folks follow through.

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