Thursday, December 29, 2016

Trump and Jobs

It is interesting to see Trump make claims for job creation by a variety of companies during this transition period.  It is very unlikely that Trump himself deserves much credit for these jobs.  The decisions that created such jobs were probably made long before Trump appeared on the horizon.

That said, it is certainly a good thing that jobs interest the soon-to-be President.  Such concerns held little interest for his predecessor, who seemed consumed about the possibility of warmer temperatures sometime in the future and not much concerned with the here and now.

Trump is proving to be a surprising President-elect.  His proposed cabinet does not seem stuffed with the usual political hacks and bureaucrats that are ponied up every four years.  Instead, his cabinet choices are successful people, who don't need politics to make their living. This is a very refreshing breath of fresh air.

Most folks that served in the Obama cabinet and other parts of his administration would be starving to death were it not for government largesse (except the super rich ones like John Kerry, who married his way to fortune).   Most of the Obama folks are unemployable in the private sector, except as influence peddlers and lobbyists.  Trump brings a significant change in that regard.  Trump's designees don't need a government paycheck to keep them afloat.  They have succeeded without dipping into the taxpayer's pocket.

Change is good.

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