Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Media Opines on Economics

We have been deluged, since the election with media articles about the coming disaster of the incoming Trump Administration.  These articles are completely ridiculous. 

The Washington Post and the NY Times are the worst offenders. 

Interestingly, Paul Krugman is not one of the authors of these absurd articles.  Krugman, these days, mainly opines on politics, not economics.  He has become little more than a Democratic Party mouthpiece and less and less does he ever discuss economics. 

Instead of reporting news, almost the entirety of the front page articles in the Post and Times are hatchet jobs about the Trump Administration.  It is hard to find any facts in these articles, but there is extraordinary amount of uninformed opinion -- especially about economics.

The stock market rally, since the election, must be truly embarrassing to these ignorant journalists.  How do they explain that they, untrained in economics, know more than markets?

According to the Post and the Times, the economy only prospers when you strangle it with taxes and regulations.  That's why Europe is doing so well, I suppose.

Contrary to the views of the so-called journalists at the Post and the Times, the markets prefer freedom to dictatorial and arbitrary government.  Modern Venezuela and Cuba are the poster children for the kind of economy the Post and the Times would like the American economy to become. 

Fortunately, the public (and their votes), see things differently and have elected people at every level of government in the US who thinks the Post and the Times are wrong.

Freedom is a good thing, contrary to what the elitists at the Post and the Times seem to think.  Finally the economy and the folks at the bottom of the economic pile have real hope for improvement.  The elitists are striking back through the Post and the Times, but no one listens to them anymore.....fortunately.

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