Thursday, December 22, 2016

The "Economist" Joins the Echo Chamber

It wasn't long ago that the magazine, the Economist, was viewed as a reasonable and independent source of economic news about the global economy.  That is no longer the case.  Take a peek at the latest issues.

The Economist is awash with articles condemning the incoming Trump Administration as if the new Administration were an enemy of capitalism.  What planet is the Economist living on?  An administration committed to lower taxes, reduced regulation and a pro-business spirit can hardly be viewed as an enemy of capitalism.  This is especially true coming after an Obama Administration that seemed to view successful businesses as criminal enterprises.

The rule of law has been savaged by the Obama Administration, which took the attitude that if Congress wouldn't bow to the wishes of the Obama crowd, then Obama could just do whatever he wanted, with or without Congressional consent.  This dictatorial -- to hell with the rule of law attitude -- applied to international treaties like the Iran Deal and the Paris Accords, as well as to the incredible, arbitrary and mostly illegal executive actions on domestic policy taken in the final two years of the Obama Administration.

The American public demanded a return to free markets and capitalism and they will, no doubt, get that return from the incoming Trump Administration.  The Economist needs to hear other voices.  They are living in the NYTimes-Washington Post echo chamber.   American citizens want freedom and free markets and they have an excellent chance of getting that from a Trump Administration.  They had no chance of that from a second Clinton Administration.

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