Saturday, December 31, 2016

Obama is the New Jimmy Carter

The parallels are striking.  When Reagan entered the White House, the economy was a mess and Jimmy Carter had been totally humiliated in foreign affairs (more than 100 American hostages were held in Tehran at the time).  Carter, himself, seemed to be completely befuddled by the unfolding of events.

Now enter Obama.  It seems eerily the same.  The economy has been whimpering along for several years and the foreign policy disasters have been steadily mounting.  The US economy is a mess and its relationships in the world are a disaster.  In short, Obama, like Carter, has become a national and world embarrassment.

Meanwhile, the press reactions seem the same.  Reagan, according to the press at the time, was unfit to hold office.   That's the same song that the press is singing today about Trump.  Reagan was pushing lower taxes and regulatory rollback.  So is Trump.

Maybe, just maybe, Trump might be another Reagan.  We can hope.

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