Thursday, December 29, 2016

Obama Careens Off the Deep End

Without providing a whit of evidence, the Obama Administration has expelled 35 Russian diplomats and denied access to Russian embassy staff to two its US locations.  Nothing prompted this action apparently other than the thin reed of alleged "interference in the US elections" and alleged harassment of US embassy personnel in Moscow.  Whew!  This guy Obama is mad and way off the reservation of normal diplomatic activity.

All of this is continued sour grapes at the election losses of November and the prospect of a Trump Administration that promises to obliterate the Obama legacy, such as it is.

Still waiting patiently for any evidence that there was any Russian involvement at all in the email hacking that took place earlier this year, the American public is witnessing an historic imploding of a presidential administration.  In short, Obama is losing it.  His amateurish behavior, refusing to accept the will of the American public, is shocking.  Obama and his pal Harry Reid are stark examples of arrogant, un-democratic, petty losers.  Obama's incompetence, arrogance and pettiness is without precedent in American presidential history.

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