Thursday, December 29, 2016

John Kerry's Speech

John Kerry's attack on the state of Israel revealed just how petty and incompetent the Obama Administration is.  A feeling of relief, no doubt, was felt by many Americans that this buffoon, meaning John Kerry, never made it to the White House.  The two things George W. saved us from was Al Gore and John Kerry presidencies.  For that, Americans should forever be thankful to George W.

Revealing an appalling lack of knowledge and an even more astounding lack of understanding of the Israel-Palestine peace process, Kerry devoted much of his talk to a highly personal attack on the current leadership in Israel.  I suppose that the current Hamas leadership in Gaza is more to Kerry's liking. 

As the architect of the Iran nuclear pathway and the payoff to Iran of $ 150 billion, Kerry had earlier revealed himself as an ignoramus on a world stage.  Yesterday's speech just added to his legacy of incompetence.  Kerry probably thinks the Syria outcome is his most impressive achievement -- more than half a million deaths on his watch.  Congratulations to Kerry.  But, it looks like he wants more deaths apparently.

While only a few days remain on the Obama watch, there is more damage that Obama can do to a country that he appears to hate -- the US.  More unilateral, likely illegal, acts are yet to come by this vicious and angry loser.  He seems intent on establishing himself as the worst president in the history of the country.  Kerry's speech is just one more example of a team that seems to be cheering for the enemies of freedom and the enemies of the US.

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