Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Following the Castro-Chavez Playbook

Barrack Obama, as he gracelessly slinks through the final weeks of his presidency, is showing all the petulance that you would expect for someone with a limited world view.  Obama believes, apparently, that the US and its allies are the evil empire, that capitalism is fundamentally evil, and that democratic processes and procedures are for the other guy.

Fortunately, January 20th is coming and this disgraceful presidency will come to an end.  Obama's arbitrary and destructive acts of the last few weeks have made Donald Trump, of all people, play the role of the country's savior.  Trump doesn't despise America and American values.  That means that Trump provides a sharp contrast to Obama.

Obama's long standing support for terrorists, brutal dictators, and civic repression has put the world in a precarious position.  His main ally, Angela Merkel, has all but destroyed the future of the European Union and guaranteed for Germany, as Obama has for the US,  generations of home grown terrorists.  Both Obama and Merkel have strangled their economies and humbled two of the world's (formerly) greatest economic engines.

So much damage in so little time.  In just eight years, the Obama clique has crushed the US economy, made terrorism much, much stronger, destroyed much of the Middle East, is responsible directly for hundreds of thousands of deaths due to his bait and switch policy in Syria, provided massive support and aid to Iran as well as a safe pathway for Iran to nuclear weaponry with American approval.

Arrogance has consequences.  Values have consequences.  Obama has the former, but not the latter.

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