Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Why Alienate Your Audience?

This past month Fox Business News overtook and surpassed CNBC.  That's pretty shocking.  CNBC has been the go-to cable station for financial news almost from its infancy.  But, no longer.


Maybe Andrew Ross Sorkin is the reason.  He certainly is for me.  His constant advocacy of a political view interferes with what would otherwise be interesting and entertaining financial eommentary.

Add in CNBC's John Harwood, who is completely in the tank for Obama and Clinton.  Harwood even checked with Podesta to be certain that Hillary's campaign manager didn't have any trouble with Harwood's reporting.  It is hard to see Sorkin and Harwood as commentators.  Instead, they both seem to be active partisans in a political campaign with little or no objectivity for financial and/or political news.  Who needs this?

After a while, folks get tired of being insulted and Sorkin goes out of his way to insult anyone who disagrees with him.  So, why watch him?  It's not like you're hearing a reasoned presentation of an opposing view.  What you hear from Sorkin as well as Harwood are mainly insults and innuendo.  So, the migration to Fox.

Fox is blatantly political as well and that's not good.  But, most people who are seeking financial news are politically more in sync with Fox than with CNBC.  CNBC, if they would stick to financial commentary, would have never lost their perch.  But, by unleashing Sorkin and Harwood on a daily basis to promote Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and others, CNBC has lost viewers who get sick of the daily diet of Sorkin and Harwood and move to Fox.  I have.

You see a similar pattern in professional sports and college athletics.  Deliberately insulting veterans, the police and the country, many athletes have chosen to go public with their lack of respect for the American flag.  Fine.  But, why watch these folks anymore.  Not me.  I am tired of these folks insulting half (or more) of the population with their arrogance.

They want a smaller audience.  Every indication is that they are getting that smaller audience. That's what they wanted and what they deserve.

I respect the American flag.  I have no interest in cheering for, watching, or in any way supporting folks who disrespect the American flag.  And, I have a lot of company.

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