Friday, November 11, 2016

Who Promotes Division?

Notice that after the election is over, who is it that is not accepting the results? The losers -- the left.  Notice the violent demonstrations now going on across the country.  Violence is a key part of these demonstrations.  These folks think that they have the right to destroy property of others and they are doing it.

At colleges and universities across the country, the wealthiest young Americans are busy demanding special treatment in the classroom and creating 'safe spaces' so that they can lament the political victory of folks who could never afford to send their kids, much less themselves, to fancy schools.

This is the revolt of the rich.  If you look to see who voted for Donald Trump, it was, by and large, average Americans without college degrees.  These wealthy, elite demonstrators have nothing but contempt for the average American.  As Hillary Clinton, so aptly captured the moment, these people are "deplorables' and are "irredeemable."

The elite are striking back from their cushy spots in academia -- their target is the average American.

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