Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump Agenda is Mostly a Free Market Agenda

Evidently repealing Obamacare and repealing Dodd-Frank are among the top priorities of the Trump Administration that will begin on January 20th.  Eliminating the arbitrary, mostly illegal, executive actions related to climate change is next.  (Whatever you think of climate change, the executive under the US Consitution never had the authority to impose these regulations, without Congressional authority, in the first place).

This could have a dramatic effect on the US Economy and it would be extremely positive.

Some say: how can you repeal ObamaCare.  Then what?  The answer is obvious.  How about a free market in health care?  Let consumers buy whatever insurance policies they want to buy in the free market and let insurance companies sell whatever insurance policies they want.  That simple principle would enable the US to have the best health care provision in the world and "bend back the cost curve."

Fixing the problems related to pre-existing conditions, insurance companies dropping unhealthy consumers and arranging vouchers for the poorest among us is easy.  There is no need to destroy the American health care system in order to fix these relatively simple problems (perhaps the current auto insurance system in US might provide a few clues about how to fix this).  In any event, replacing Obamacare with a free market health system is almost trivial in concept and can be done.

Placing a cap on medical lawsuits and permitting interstate insurance activities solves most of the other problems related to health care.  These are easy things to do and should be done.

What role is there for the government?  None.  Vouchers will solve the problem of the poor. Nothing else would be required.

Repealing Dodd-Frank is easy.  Repeal it.  Done.  Make all regulations related to Dodd-Frank immediately invalid.  Done.  Eliminate the Consumer Protection Agency.  Done.  And on and on.  It is time for the American economic engine to wake up and breathe fresh air once more.  It looks increasingly likely that Trump and Congressional Republicans just might make that happen.

It is time to bring the broom to the Obama nightmare.  Drain the swamp and drain it thoroughly.

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