Sunday, November 13, 2016

Time to Reconsider Higher Education Funding

Large numbers of students at elite colleges have shut down their role as students, taken up signs and devote more time to protesting and disruption and less to classwork and learning.  The demand for "safe spaces" and "snowflake" protections is mushrooming.

Who is funding all of this?  You are.  The American taxpayer, whose income, on average, is a fraction of those who are demonstrating.  So, you are paying for folks to insult you.  Why do it?

Federal and state funding for higher education should be reconsidered.  It is not clear that society as a whole benefits from much of what today passes as research in the modern university.  Funding is mainly available for projects that represent a single, usually extreme, point of view.  This is not open, unbiased research.  This is politically motivated research designed to further a pre-conceived agenda.  Why fund this stuff?

As part of tax reform, the charitable deduction should be reconsidered.  This deduction is the main source of funding for extremist politics.  Why do it.  Lets reform it.  If people want to give to charities, let them.  But, why should taxpayers subsidize such giving in the tax code.

It's time to put a stop to using taxpayer money for blatantly political activities.  Higher education mainly benefits those who attend our colleges and universities.  These places are increasingly oases of pleasure and comfort and look less and less like the schools of earlier generations.  They are hyper-political with declining academic standards and weakening academic rigour.  Why fund this stuff?

It's time that those who benefit from education, pay for it.  The taxpayers don't need to fund something that issues forth nothing but contempt for taxpayers on a daily basis.

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