Thursday, November 24, 2016

Through the Diversity Lens

As President-elect Trump adds three more members to his cabinet, what is the response from the news media?  'Trump adds diversity" to his cabinet.  What an absurd way to describe potential cabinet members. Why single out the race and gender of the cabinet members?  Is this the only way to think about people?

What about a simple description of these people without identity politics intruding?  Why play the race and gender card?  Is America just a collection of separate races and separate genders and other arbitrary separate identities?  What happened to the "melting pot" notion?  The media is a national embarrassment and helps to divide one group of Americans from another by the manner in which they report the news.

The press should stop playing the race and gender (and other) cards and report the news without their usual prejudices, racial animosity, gender animosity, so prevalent in today's journalism.

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