Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Paris Accord? Who's Kidding Who?

China is dramatically expanding it's production of coal.  In just the past five years, China has opened and reopened more than 50 coal plants.  All of this dramatically expands China's carbon footprint.  Along with Al Gore, Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton, China is putting more carbon into the atmosphere with each passing day.  Meanwhile, all of these folks are asking American companies to sacrifice profits and asking the American economy to slash economic growth in a "go it alone" climate change agenda.

If only America reduces its carbon footprint, which might require some sacrifice by Gore, Obama, Clinton, etal, it won't matter.  That is the opinion of the advocates and supporters of the Paris Accord.  So, tell us again, what is the point of the Paris Accord?  Simply a lone sacrifice by Americans while Europe and China expand carbon production without limit?

The Paris Accords are a one-sided agreement that Obama would force only Americans to abide by.  The net effect would be to reduce America to a third world country while China moves forward as the dominant economic power in the world.  That must be what Obama and his crowd really wanted in the first place.

Read today's NYTimes today on the expansion of the coal industry in China, remembering that the Obama crowd has destroyed the American coal industry in its drive to please environmental extremists.

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Mark Kennedy said...

So I need to know. Are you getting up really early to write or are you staying up really late. I can't remember the last time I saw 2,3 or 4 in the morning