Friday, November 11, 2016

The Notion of a "Divided Country"

When was the country not divided?  When was that exactly?  The left is arguing that since Clinton outpolled Trump, Trump's election is illegitimate.  Really?  What about the House and Senate?  What about the majority of states that have Republican governors and legislatures?  Where have people elected folks with the views of the protestors?  Where are the Clintonistas in office?

The answer: the public has overwhelmingly tossed out the Clinton and left wing politicians at every level.  That's why Republicans control the White House, the Congress, the nation's Governors and the nation's legislators.  The people have spoken; accept it.

Most Americans would like to feel safe and secure.  They would like to return to economic prosperity.  They would like to return to rule by law, not rule by one person.  These folks have elected like-minded people at every level of government in the US.  If you believe in Democracy, you have to accept the results.

Watching left wing news (CNN, MSNBC), actions on college campuses and wealthy street demonstrators make it clear that these folks do not accept the results of our democracy.  When Obama won, there were zero demonstrations.  The "deplorables" did not riot, did not destroy property.  They organized themselves and won elections.  And now they are in the catbird seat.

This country has always been divided.  Nothing new here. That actually is what is great about this country -- toleration for opposing views.  The left, the media and the academia would like to shut down opposing views.  Hopefully, they will not succeed in their intolerance.

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