Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Impossibility of a Debate over Economics

It would be instructive to the body politic to hear a real discussion between Democrats and Republicans over the economic issues of our times.   The overriding issue is economic growth.  What policies are good for economic growth; what policies are bad for economic growth.  This type of discussion could be useful and interesting.

Banks have held back from promoting economic growth both in the US and Europe. Banks are still operating under the cloud of the financial collapse of 2008.  Regulation in both areas are driven more by revenge and economic envy than by sound economic policy.  The result:  Europe hasn't had any growth in a decade and the US has had minimal growth.  So, why not a discussion?

Instead Democrats spend most of their time indulging in character assassination.    This was the Hillary Clinton playbook.  Describe those who disagree with you as racists and homophobes and then you can avoid discussions about real issues.  This continues.  As Trump announces his cabinet picks, the Democrats only response is that all the picks are racists, homophobes, etc. 

The Democratic Party doesn't seem capable of a rational discussion of today's economic issues.They didn't seem to learn much from the recent elections that have reduced the Democratic Party to the status of irrelevance.  One suspects that they will become even more irrelevant, as they continue to avoid discussions of real economic and political issues in favor of demagoguery and character assassination.

Watch the hysterical outbursts that dominate CNN and MSNBC coverage of today's news.  There is never any real news on these Democratic Party fronts.  Instead, there is round-the-clock vitriol, character assassination and extremist talk.  If you want any real news, you have to go elsewhere.  These folks spend almost all of their time crying over the recent election and trying to pretend that it never happened.

Too bad.  A real discussion about economic and political issues would be useful. So would an honest source of information about the news events of the day.  It is a sad state of affairs, when conservative-biased Fox News is the most balanced news network available in the modern day.

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