Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Humbling of the Elites

The average American is not sitting in a cushy job, protected by tenure or in some other way protected from competitive forces.  The average American is worried about their job, their family, their freedom.

The elite are not worried about any of the issues that face the average American.  They are worried mainly about providing government subsidies and protection to themselves and an elite few.  The average American, to the elite, is a racist, a homophone or much, much worse.

As the elite move from their limousines into their jets they never encounter the folks that led to the Trump victory.   They speak mostly to people who take orders from them or who are other elites.  The elite view the average American with contemptuous superiority.  The arrogance of the elites is breathtaking.

If you want to know what the elites are thinking and what they think of the average American, read the NYTimes and the Washington Post.  The elites are uncomfortable with "messy" democracy.  They prefer, like Elizabeth Warren, to make the rules and have the average American accept their hegemony.  Or, like George Will or Dana Perino on the right, they want the country to elect candidates that they approve of, who went to the right schools and have the appropriate table manners.  Issues are really not important to the elites, so long as they run the show.

It became clear in the recent election that wide swaths of the media are little more than direct arms of the Democratic Party.  The media shamelessly aided and abetted the Clinton candidacy in numerous ways that most of us never knew.  But, now we know.  We always suspected media bias.  This is far more than bias.  This is subservience to a political party.  That's not bias, but something very different.

Free expression and free markets have been under attack for several decades by the political establishment (of both major political parties).  Now, perhaps under Trump, this can be reversed and free markets and free speech can be returned as staples of American life.

This means big change.  The elites are threatened and they will fight back.  Look at the current demonstrations around the country by wealthy left-wing students, who see their privileged positions in society threatened.  These students like the cushy road into entitlement land, putting them into bureaucracies so they can cavalierly destroy industries, coal comes to mind, that they don't approve of.  Coal minors and their families be damned, say the elite, as they run rough shod over a community of average Americans plunged into economic despair and economic ruin.

From the perch of wealthy entitlement, the left subscribes to half-baked slogans, such as Climate Change, as they go about destroying the hopes and dreams of average Americans.  Climate Change is based upon little more than a scientifically unsupported act of faith.  Research funds are not available to those who don't buy into Climate Change.  If you want research funds, you have to drink the koolade.  So, they buy in and support these things so that grant money will continue to flow in.  Is this corruption?  Yes, it is.  But the elite don't care because they are beneficiaries of this corruption.  Meanwhile the economy is bludgeoned mostly by bureaucrats who never saw a free market that they approved of.

Sooner or later, the empire strikes back and now they have struck back.  The elites and their religious ideologies and their contempt for average Americans are now threatened.  The Trump revolution looks to displace comfortable perches of all of these elites.  That's why you see the polemics in the NY Times and the Washington Post.  That's why you see demonstrations by wealthy leftist students.

The elites want to maintain their control and their economic advantages over the average American.  They will stop at nothing to destroy free markets.  Their insulting attitude toward the political views of average Americans -- see today's Washington Post article about how Trump's victory is a victory for the Ku Klux Klan -- will not stop.  That's what being an elitist is all about.  They don't care one whit for the average American -- white or black, Muslim or non-Muslim.  All the elites care about is maintaining control and keeping the average American in their place.

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