Saturday, November 12, 2016

Stock Market Reaction to the Trump Win

US stocks were up 5 percent in concert with a huge global stock market rally for the week.  The pundits had, of course, predicted it would be otherwise.  The world was going to come to an end, according to the pundits, if Trump was elected.  What happened?

Maybe higher taxes, more regulation, more demonizing of business isn't all that good for common stocks.  That's one possibility that perhaps the pundits hadn't considered.

The pundits, who mostly approved of Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, and more regulation, think, somehow, the economy and the financial markets can withstand an all-out assault on business.  Guess what, stocks think otherwise.

What about the "never-Trumpers."  What does Dana Perino, George Will, John Kasich, the Bush family, the various Republicans who urged people not to vote for Trump?  They must be really unhappy, now.

If folks had followed the advice of George Will, Clinton would be busy assembling her cabinet and and making further plans to destroy American commerce.  Too bad.  Is that really what Perino, Will, Kasich, the Bushes wanted?  More regulation, higher taxes, a far-left Supreme Court, more executive orders bypassing Congress.  Was that the world that Dana, George, John and Jeb were hoping for?

Makes you wonder.

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