Saturday, November 12, 2016

Revolt of the Wealthy Kids

Across America, wealthy young people have taken to the streets to protest that they did not get their way in last Tuesday's election.  The vast majority of these protestors didn't bother to vote and couldn't name their own Congressmen or Senators.  But, what the heck?  Protesting is fun and makes one feel moral and heroic.

The same nonsense is playing out on college campuses -- the ultimate playground of the wealthiest American youth.  Students, whose families are almost exclusively in the top five percent of the income and wealth strata of the country, are decrying their unhappiness at the results of the election.  They are also letting everyone know what they think of the average American, who they describe as racist, homophobe, stupid and on and on.

These wealthy, elitist students think that only their views should matter.  They want to silence others who disagree with them.  They have virtually full support from the college administrators and faculty, who also seem to have a lot of time on their hands to engage in this activity.

Most people, who work for a living, don't have time to party in the streets day after day.  They have responsibilities, families, bills to pay.  It must be great not to face any of the day to day issues that normal Americans have to deal with.  That leaves time to grab up a banner, scrawl an obscenity on it and go block some traffic somewhere.  Great fun!

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