Monday, November 21, 2016

Name Calling in Lieu of Policy Positions

It is no longer possible to have a rational debate about political issues.  Read the NY Times and the Washington Post.  The position of the Democratic Party, as presented faithfully by the Times and WAPO, is that Republicans are racists and bigots.  End of subject.

If you look for a rational defense of ObamaCare, Climate Change, Democratic Party Immigration Policy, Democratic Party Economic Policy, you won't find it.  But, what you will find is consistent character assassination, following carefully the Obama-Clinton script in the recent election.. Anyone who doesn't agree with the Democratic Party agenda is a racist and a bigot.  That's it.

Meanwhile the NYTimes and WAPO faithfully defended Obama bureaucrats who pleaded the 5th, who accepted immunity deals with the Justice Department in exchange for nothing at all, the Solyndra deal and on and on.

This has now become a one-sided policy debate since nothing of substance is ever offered by the anti-Trump press.  Okay, suppose everyone but you is a racist and a bigot.  Is that the end of it?  If the majority of Americans are racists and bigots, as the Democratic Party, NYTimes and WAPO seem to believe, does that mean that rational discourse of political issues is no longer possible.

It must be great to occupy such a high moral ground that you no longer have to defend your policy positions.

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