Monday, November 7, 2016

John Harwood Fesses Up

Wikileaks exposed an email from John Harwood, a so-called "journalist," who appears regularly on CNBC.  The email from Harwood to Hillary Clinton's campaign manager asked Podesta what questions Podesta thought Harwood should ask Jeb Bush!  Presumably, Podesta provided him some good gotcha-moment questions. That seemed to be Harwood's specialty as a presidential debate "moderator."

Harwood, when asked, said that it was perfectly normal for him to solicit the campaign manager of Hillary Clinton to provide questions to ask Jeb Bush.  Well, for him, it is perfectly normal.  That's whats happened to standards of journalism in the modern political age.  As for the term "moderator," perhaps that should be redefined to mean "partisan political combatant."  That definition better fits John Harwood. 

Harwood is completely useless if one is looking for objective and independent analysis.  If what you want is the party line from the Obama-Clinton axis, then Harwood is your man.  But, why watch him?  Better to watch the "horse's mouth," so to speak.  Obama and Clinton can speak for themselves.  They don't need Harwood as their parrot.

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