Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Higher (sic) Education

Many Americans are learning more about the state of higher education than they wanted to know.  Our nations colleges and universities have been taken over by folks who are essentially vanguard politicians.  Education has taken a back seat to the furtherance of a political agenda.

The answer is to eliminate federal and state funding to these institutions.  They are not providing a "public good."  One could argue that they are providing a "public bad."  The charitable contribution deduction that feeds this beast should be eliminated. 

Folks that want to use higher education as a political fulcrum should pay for that.  Innocent taxpayers are being forced to fund all of this silliness. The average taxpayer cannot afford to send his/her children to these institutions, but they are nevertheless asked to fund them. 

Starve the beast.  Stop all contributions to these places.  Eliminate taxpayer funding for what is increasingly little more than a political operation of the far left.

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