Sunday, November 13, 2016

Extremism at the Brookings Institution

Anyone who labors under the delusion that the Brookings Institution is a "think tank" should take a gander at today's WAPO article by Leon Wieseltier, who is described as a "senior fellow in culture and policy at the Brookings Institution."

Here is how this "think tank" representative described the recent election: "the nasty anti-modern furies that carried this repulsive demogogue to the White House."   It gets worse.  Here's how this thinker views European governments: "the vile illiberalism that currently disgraces other governments in the West..."  An on and on.

The Brookings Institution is not "left of center," as it is often described.  It is instead, a homebase for far left fanatics with an extreme hatred for anything American.  Leon Wieseltier is a poster child for this hatred.  Read the article.  It is eye popping.

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