Monday, October 31, 2016

TPP Is Not a Free Trade Deal

Don't confuse TPP with free trade.  Free trade is free trade, not massive protections for unions, special deals for environmentalists, and host of other restrictions that knee-bend to the mania of the left for politically correct issues.  Free trade is simply free trade.  TPP has nothing to do with that.

The British economy dominated the world during the 19th century for one main reason -- free trade.  The Repeal of the Corn Laws ushered in unprecedented growth in the British economy and the world economy.  This was free trade, not the absurd deal brokered by the Obama folks called TPP.

TPP is "Obama trade" -- a far cry from free trade.  There is no reason to support TPP or even encourage it.  It needs to be scrapped in favor for real free trade.

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