Wednesday, October 5, 2016

State of Illinois Chastises Wells Fargo -- Really?

Arguably the worst run state in the country -- Illinois -- is now pulling back its business with Wells Fargo. 

In another attack upon the hapless and innocent current shareholders of Wells Fargo, the corrupt, incompetent and soon-to-be bankrupt state of Illinois is granting itself the moral high ground.  This state has stolen more money from its taxpayers than any another other state in the US, excepting only California and New York.

This should be a Saturday Night Live episode.  The morally bankrupt state of Illinois holding forth on what a private company should or should not do.

Once again, the losers will be the innocent -- the taxpayers of Illinois and the innocent shareholders of Wells Fargo, mostly pensioners and foundations.  Meanwhile, corrupt politicians continue to ride high and rough over the innocent.

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