Thursday, October 27, 2016

Post Brexit

So, did Britain collapse after Brexit?  According to Paul Krugman and all of his left wing buddies like Barrack Obama, Britain's economy would suffer dramatically from Brexit.  Maybe.  But, so far the results are the exact opposite of the predictions of the doomsayers.

"The economy has continued to expand at a rate broadly similar to that seen since 2015 and there is little evidence of a pronounced effect in the immediate aftermath of the vote," said Joe Grice, Britain's chief economist of the Office of National Statistics, according to the Associated Press today.

Growth wasn't huge -- 2 percent at an annualized rate -- but a lot better than the growth rate of the US and the Eurozone during the same period, where all the naysayers hold sway.

Facts can be inconvenient to the true believers.

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