Friday, October 21, 2016

Elitism Fractures the European Union

The idea of a common currency and a broad reduction of barriers to trade was a marvelous idea.  But European Union bureaucrats could not leave well enough alone.

Instead, the EU bureaucracy hammered down an enormous number of new restriction on the daily lives of citizens in EU countries.  (For example, it is against the law for a child under eight years of age to blow up a balloon in the EU).  The straw that broke the camel's back was the unlimited immigration into the EU of refugees that has been ongoing for the last three years.

In an article in today's NYTimes, James Kanter and Stephen Castle provided the following absurd viewpoint:

"the European Union's ability to plot a united and ambitious path forward is losing out to parochial concerns."

The above quote is ridiculous.  "Parochial concerns" are, in truth, legitimate objections by ordinary Europeans to the overbearing rules and elitism of the unelected bureaucracy that runs the EU today. 

The "plot" described above as a "united and ambitious path" is based on the whims of a handfull of elitists, constantly making rules without any citizen input.  The public in Europe is sick and tired of this and are rebelling against the elitism of the EU bureaucracy.

The Brits were right to leave the EU.  In time, most of the citizens of the EU will push to follow the lead of the British and escape this small band of elitists that are ruling their day to day life.

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