Friday, October 7, 2016

Another Pitiful Jobs Report

Today, the Labor Department released another pitiful jobs report.  It seems everyone has adjusted to the new normal of limp-along growth and minimal job creation.  The economy that we once knew is no more.  The hits the poorest among us the hardest, so we can look for increased civil strife in the US and further increases in crime, which is obviously on a major uptrend.

A strong economy heals a lot of problems; a weak economy creates a lot of problems.  The last pillar of hope in this environment is the stock market.  The stock market has made meager gains the last couple of years, but such gains are probably done for.  The prospects are not good -- not for the real economy, not for the financial sector, not for the average American.

Interest rates, for those who watch such things, are headed upward -- with or without the Fed.

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