Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trump Was Bizarre in the Debate

What was Donald Trump thinking?  Totally unprepared for last night's presidential debate, Trump fumbled along for an hour and a half without presenting any coherent reason to think that he could serve effectively as President.  Stylistically, Trump seemed intent on interrupting Clinton at every available opportunity.

Clinton was, as usual, a poised, bureaucratic, spokesperson for the far left.   The economy, to Clinton, is a pie to slice up and dole out to your favorites.  Gone is the old Kennedy commitment to growing the economy.  Interest in economic growth hasn't been a topic of interest in the Democratic party since the 60s.

But, is Trump a viable alternative?  The only thing that keeps the Trump presidency going is the drudgery and banality of the Democratic ticket.  As the country slides further into a modern version of feudalism, the Clinton and Trump candidacies are frightening and embarrassing.

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