Saturday, September 3, 2016

Stifling Dissent in American Universities

Three cheers for the University of Chicago!  The UC Dean welcomed incoming students this Fall by letter, refusing to endorse the current trends on university campuses across the country stifling free thought and expression.  Meanwhile the Dean of the University of Nebraska went the other direction, declaring arbitrary limits on free speech,   These limits were imposed on anyone whose political opinions differed from his own.

At Nebraska, if you question the political orthodoxy of the school or the Dean, you are subject to penalty.  You have to support the political views of the Administration or you will be subject to disciplinary action.  You can imagine what kind of education, need I say indoctrination, takes place at Nebraska.

Sadly, most universities are following the dictate of Nebraska, making every effort to enforce political thought control in both their curricula and in extra-curricula activities.

The First Amendment has taken a back seat to enforcing political orthodoxy on almost all American university campuses, but especially at the so-called "elite" universities.  This trend probably won't matter much to engineering and science students, but it makes traditional "liberal arts" and traditional "humanities" little more than enforcers of ideological purity.

Long run, this probably doesn't matter.  True education costs almost nothing today, as the internet provides, free of charge, education in almost every subject. 

Universities, especially the elite universities, are increasingly little more than Club-Med experiences for the wealthy and the handful of favored recipients of their largesse.  One wonders how much real education takes place in environments like that.

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